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  1. 1 Hour starts from the time of the rental reservation


  3. Payment must be paid in full before the game starts


  5. Parking is located along the side of the field in front of INDOOR SPORTS

  6. NO pets of any kind are allowed on the fields

  7. Pinnies are available upon request and are first come, first serve. ALL pinnies must be returned if used. 

  8. ALL trash must be picked up and thrown away after the game. Trash cans are provided at all gate entrances.

  9. NO scooters, bicycles, skates, or skateboards

  10. NO gum, smoking, alcohol, or drugs

  11. NO running or playing on or around bleachers. 

  12. NO standing around or sitting inside of cars after the rental is over. All guests must clear fields after rentals or at lights off.  

  13. Participants and spectators assume all risk of injury, damage, or loss sustained on premises.

  • Hours of operation?
    We are open 7 days a week. Our trainers are available from the hours of 4am - 10pm 😎
  • Where is gym parking?
    Parking Lot A and in front of PAC GLOBAL FITNESS
  • What is a free week?
    a free week gives you 2 training sessions on us! 😎
  • Do you offer gym memberships?
    we currently only offer our monthly bootcamp membership and do not have an open gym or day passes at this time.
  • What is the cost for Personal Training?
    Each program is tailored to the client and based on their current fitness assessment with desired goals in which they want to achieve. All pricing and options are discussed at the time of the consultation to determine the right package and rate for each individual. 😎
  • How long are the bootcamp classes?
    Classes are about 30-45 minutes long depending of the class. 😎
  • What other services do you provide?
    In addition to our bootcamps, personal training and group classes we also provide boxing lessons, private and small group soccer lessons, sports specific athletic training, meal prep, and med spa.😎
  • What is the cost for soccer field rentals?
    $75 an hour for outdoor $100 an hour for indoor
  • How many players per field rental?
    9v9 max for outdoor fields 6v6 max for indoor
  • How long are the bootcamp classes?
    Classes range from 30-45 minutes depending on the class.
  • Do I need to be a PAC Client to order and pick up my meal prep?
    No. Our meal prep is available to anyone in the Houston area.
  • Where is soccer parking?
    Parking is located in front of Indoor Sports and along the side of building.
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